Energy Saving Calculator calculator
Energy Saving Calculator
Wattage of your current bulb(s) Watts
I currently pay pence per unit of electricity*
Number of hours per day used hours
I use bulbs like this
Annual cost of running
current W bulbs
Equivalent Energy Saver bulb  Watts**
Energy Saver bulb
Total savings made over the life
of the Energy saving bulbs
Based on 8000 Hour bulb

* Costs and savings calculated based upon typical domestic tariff of p per unit (kWhr)
** Please note that this is an approximate value and that this exact power rating may not be available.

How Much Could YOU Save?

Some energy saving bulbs can be more costly than traditional incandescent bulbs, energy saving variants use revolutionary manufacturing methods to cut your electricity consumption and save you money. Energy saving lightbulbs typically save around 80% of the electricity over normal incandescent bulbs.

Use our energy saving calculator to work out the savings you could make over the life of the bulbs by replacing normal incandescent bulbs with energy saving equivalent bulbs.

There are current government drives to reduce our carbon emissions and we all have a responsibility to try and look after the environment.
We have filled in average figures for you just in case you're not sure about your energy price.

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