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LED Light bulbs

 - GU10 LED Bulbs
 - 12v MR16 (GU5.3)
 - High Powered LEDs
 - Coloured LED Bulbs

...and many more.

Energy Saving Bulbs

 - GU10 Light Bulbs
 - Candle Light Bulbs
 - Spiral Light Bulbs
 - Low Energy GLS

...and many more.

Premium Megaman Range

 - GU10's
 - G9's
 - Ping Pong Bulbs
 - Dimmable Bulbs

 ...and many more.

Dimmable light bulbs

 - GU10 Bulbs
 - Candles
 - GLS Bulbs
 - Liliput Bulbs

...and many more.


 - GU10 Bulbs
 - R50/R63/R80 Spots
 - Par 30 / Par 38 Spots
 - Low Voltage MR16

...and many more.

Light Fittings

- Bathroom Downlights
- Low Energy Downlights
- Fire Rated Downlights
- Fire & Accoustic Rated

...and many more.

Halogen Light Bulbs

 - GU10 Halogens
 - G4 Capsules
 - G9 Capsules
 - MR16 (GU5.3)

...and many more.

Flourescent Tubes

 - Fluorescent tubes
 - Eco Flourescent Tubes
 - Stick Tubes (2/4 pin)
 - Circular Fluorescents

...and many more.

Why Buy Low Energy Bulbs?

Energy Saving Bulbs / Energy Saving Light Bulbs

In recent years, Energy Saving Light Bulbs have become known by many different names including Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, Low Energy Light Bulbs, Energy Saving Light Bulbs, Eco Light Bulbs, etc but they all denote the same energy efficient light bulb products.
Energy Saving Light Bulbs are modern light bulbs which fit a standard halogen light bulb fitting, and are available with all of the normal light bulb bases including bayonet caps and Edison screw bases.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs are similar in their operation to fluorescent tubes in that the interior is covered with phosphor which shines the light, and Energy Saving Light Bulbs also include an electronic ballast to kick start the lamp.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs use a considerably reduced amount of energy than the conventional halogen bulbs which they are designed to replace. Energy Saving Light Bulbs plug in to the standard fittings and offer considerable cost efficiency over the standard bulbs.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs / Energy Efficient Bulbs

Some Energy Saving Light Bulbs available on the market are large and unattractive, and these Energy Saving Light Bulbs are usually the cheap far eastern imports.
However, there has been considerable investment in Energy Saving Light Bulbs in recent years, and the leading manufacturers have created excellent solutions. This has resulted in the majority of standard bulbs now having energy efficient replacement light bulbs. Online Bulb Store centre on providing premium quality branded Energy Saving Light Bulbs from top light bulb companies including Megaman Bulbs, Philips, Osram Bulbs, Bell and Sylvania. These leading manufacturers offer many exact like for like substitutes for standard bulbs with regard to size and light output. The advancements in Energy Saving Light Bulbs from these manufacturers have led to most premium Energy Saving Light Bulbs being very similar to or the same as the halogen bulb it was changed from. The time you notice the difference is when the electricity bill arrives!

Halogen Light Bulbs / Halogen Bulbs

The early energy saving bulbs flickered when first turned on, however the excellent premium branded Energy saving Light Bulbs available now usually come installed with electronic rapid start circuitry. This ensures that the Energy Saving Light Bulb will light up within a second, with almost no flicker.
Modern technology in manufacturing helps to copy quite precisely the colour emitted from halogen bulbs and the light looks quite natural. Energy saving light bulbs are available in warm white finish or cool white finish for use in homes, offices and retail premises, and to make sure the light output is as near to halogen bulbs as possible.

Low Energy Light Bulbs / Low Energy Bulbs

In order to work out the real benefit of installing Energy Saving Light Bulbs, we have provided an Energy Saving Calculator. This will help you to work out the savings to be made both annually and also throughout the life of the Energy Saving Light Bulbs against standard halogen bulbs. Energy Saving Light Bulbs usually have a considerably longer life in comparison to halogen bulbs, and the cost savings for not having to replace halogens is also calculated for you. It is very simple to use, simply enter the price you pay for electricity, or use the average figure we have provided. Only one 60W bulb replaced with an energy saving bulb saves you £38.76 in electricity costs over the life of the bulb or from replacing a 100W bulb, you could make £64.00 savings. And that doesn’t include the cost of replacing halogen bulbs when they blow. We also offer low energy fittings that are ideal for housing low energy light bulbs.


Standby Saver / Dragons’ Den Standby Saver

The Ecotek Dragons’ Den Standby Saver was first seen on the BBC in 2006, and since then, Online Bulb Store has become one of the preferred suppliers for the Energy Saving Standby Saver.
The Energy saving Standby Saver uses a new system to reduce the power used by TVs, PCs, DVD players, Games Consoles and Audio Systems left in standby to zero power while maintaining the convenience of the standby function of the equipment.
The Ecotek Dragons Den Standby Saver reacts to the “standby” and “on” buttons of the TVs or Audio systems original remote control and the Standby Saver switches the power to the equipment on and off as needed. While the TV and other equipment is in the standby mode the power used by the Standby Saver is zero.
The Standby Saver can also be used with a PC by connecting the Standby Saver to a spare USB port on the PC base unit... no software drivers required. This Standby Saver will be controlled by the Windows shutdown menu and PC power button.
Our Standby Saver and connected TV use minimal mains power while on standby, and work with ANY SIZE OF TV. Other Standby Saver units still draw substantial power and DO NOT WORK with all TV sizes.

LED Light Bulbs / LED Bulbs

As a cost cutting measure, opt for LED light bulbs. LED Light bulbs are the future of energy efficient light bulbs and they come in the popular GU10 Led Bulbs format and MR16 Led bulbs format. The difference between normal halogen bulbs and LED light bulbs is their resilience - they are extremely long lasting – if you use them for 10 hours per day, they will last for up to 14 years! The newest high performance LED light bulbs are available in a range of colours, and have a higher light output than ever before, whilst generating extremely low heat. LED light bulbs are excellent solutions for effect and background lighting. They are available in many different colours including Red LED Bulbs, Green LED Bulbs, Magenta LED Bulbs, Blue LED Bulbs, White LED Bulbs and Colour Changing LED Bulbs also known as RGB LED Bulbs.

Fluorescent Tubes

With a wide range of T5 Fluorescent Tubes and T8 Fluorescent Tubes, we are a leading supplier of Fluorescent Tubes. We offer Fluorescent Tubes ranging from Miniature Fluorescent Tubes which are 9 inches long, to 6 foot long Fluorescent Tubes. We even have a range of Fluorescent Tubes to help support the treatment of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and these Fluorescent Tubes are suitable for areas where little or no natural daylight is available.
We even sell Circular Fluorescent Tubes and U-Shaped Fluorescent Tubes, with Fluorescent Starters to ensure everything is in place.


GU10 Light Bulbs / GU10 Bulbs

GU10 light bulbs are the most popular spot lights in the UK and the GU10 CFL and GU10 LED Bulbs are becoming more and more popular. Energy saving GU10 light bulbs are available from premium branded manufacturers like the Megaman Bulbs supplier. These energy saving GU10 light bulbs can tend to be a little bigger than halogen GU10 light bulbs, but now there are exact like for like matches in terms of size available in 7W, with equivalent light output of a 35W halogen bulb. The is not true for the GU10 LED Bulb which is almost the exact same size.
We also offer Halogen GU10 light bulbs and  low energy GU10 LED light bulbs, to meet all of your GU10 light bulbs requirements and very reasonable prices.
To reduce your costs and ensure best possible lighting with plenty of variety, move over to either Energy saving GU10 light bulbs or GU10 LED Bulbs.


GU10 Downlights

GU10 Downlights are now available for any room in the house, from main dining rooms to watertight IP65 rated GU10 Bathroom Downlights and Showerlights. Our range of GU10 Downlights includes many different colours and styles, including Low Voltage GU10 Downlights, Fixed GU10 Downlights and Directional GU10 Downlights. Choose from white, nickel or silver amongst others. Fixed GU10 Downlights and tilting GU10 Downlights are offered for sale, with fittings for energy saving light bulbs or for traditional incandescent light bulbs. For added peace of mind and for increased safety, we also sell Fire Rated Downlights. These choices combine to give our customers increased flexibility when installing lighting at home. We have a GU10 Downlight available to suit every taste and requirement.


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